Onconomics Corporation Press Releases for the Current Year

February – Onconomics Corporation says it has licensed a group of newly discovered and sequenced genes that seem to play a critical role in preventing and suppressing the development of colon and other cancers. There at least 12 members of this gene family. In collaboration with university-based scientists, Onconomics has placed these genes into gene-delivery systems and blocked the growth of established tumors in animal models of colon cancer. Studies into the mechanism by which these genes induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) are ongoing.

April – Allied Pharmaceuticals and Onconomics Corporation have formed a research collaboration to investigate the genetic variations that influence why some individuals experience adverse reactions to drugs while others do not. The research aims to develop diagnostic tests that screen for susceptibility to adverse reactions, so as to reduce exposure to these risks. Allied Pharmaceuticals will sponsor the study and carry out the analyses. Onconomics Corporation will provide the biological material and medical data. Onconomics will be responsible for protecting the privacy of participating patients and managing the process for obtaining informed consent.

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